When Quality, Reliability And Service Are The Key Factors

In deciding on a provider of your window coverings and window treatments we would like to think our name Gardis is in the forefront of your mind. For 45 years Gardis has been known as the people that do blinds, but we offer so much more than this.


“Just came last night to find my new bamboo blinds installed. Thanks to Gardis team for their professionalism”

Betty Arnold

“I would recommend Gardis to friends – the staff were outstanding from a knowledge and customer service point of view.”

Jocelyn Boyd

“I chose Gardis because of their speed of response, creativity of ideas, range, professionalism and efficiency. Very happy.”

Helen Golden


Gardis Head Office

At Gardis, customers are our top priority. Contact us anytime when you need assistance designing your window treatments, or just need a quick question answered.

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